We're growing our community!

This year is going to be a big one. We have a full season of events planned and an upcoming brick and mortar coffee shop...with a coffee roasting component!



We are very excited to be working on our coffee shop space in Ferndale, Michigan. Located in a cute neighborhood sits a little mushroom shaped building- our new home! We will have indoor + outdoor seating, a kitchen, events space and coffee roasting!

Now, we’re all about community at Drifter, so we thought, “What better way to start coffee roasting than to team up with some friends in the coffee biz?!”

We believe in shared resources and shared spaces, so we are excited to announce our partnership with Gooseneck Coffee Roasting Company! Wooh wooh! Hailing from Plymouth, Michigan, these guys bring two years of experience and a heck of a lot of knowledge-- plus cool jokes and coffee passion.

Gooseneck-Drifter (1 of 12).jpg


So look for Noah and Bill in the back of the shop once we open, hopefully this fall. They will have their very own roasting space in the greenhouse! There will be a window into their roasting room so that you all can see the magic.

They plan to do coffee tastings and have their beans available for sale. Our house coffee will provided by Gooseneck, and the best part is that they will be training us to roast coffee, too! Drifter house roast will be on its way soon.


Gooseneck-Drifter (2 of 12).jpg