We Cater!


To Go Containers

We now deliver coffee straight to you! Each To Go container is 160 ounces, providing 20 servings of pure goodness. Le us know how many you'll need for your next meeting!


We have answers to questions you want to know! 

Q: Does Drifter have a minimum and/or maximum for catering events?

A: We have a 30-person minimum for catering and our price is $2.50 per person for coffee. This includes cups, cream, coconut milk and sugar. We also will charge $.50 per mile for travel. We currently don’t have a maximum limit, but let’s talk details!


Q: What if I want to just book the truck?

 A: For booking the truck, we have a $100 service charge per event. There will be a charge of $4/person and we have a 100-person minimum. We also charge $.50 per mile for gas.


Q: Does Drifter have a minimum time length?

 A: The minimum length is 2 hours. We can hang as long as you want after those 2 hours!


Q: Do I have to pick up the coffee from somewhere?

 A: We bring the coffee straight to your event! Any special menu requests can be communicated through email, such as hot cocoa or tea. 

Have more questions? We would love to answer them! Driftercoffee@gmail.com